Power in Praxis Launches!

Power in Praxis launched on October 11th with professors, researchers, students and individuals committed to meaningfully engage in conversations surrounding gender issues. As a platform launched to bring together personal experiences and stories, positioned within practice and applied research surrounding gender issues, the starting discussion reflected just how complex the notion of gender could be.

The word “gender” brought up a wide range of phrases for each individual. Ranging from “empowerment”, “girl”, “equality”, “fluid” to “exploitation”, “power”, “injustice”, participants shared how “gender” evokes both positive and negative, sometimes even cynical sentiments with the word alone. One participant shared that the mind automatically goes to a “girl” when it comes to gender, despite the most effective ways of addressing gender issues to be inclusive: both men and women, boys and girls. These are the types of underlying mental models, bias and perceptions this forum hopes to bring to light in constructive ways. Some initial thoughts on the most pressing gender issues of our time can be found in our Forum.

As the forum builds up further, we hope this platform will be a place where practice meets research, as well as to have individual voices and concerns be heard. The longer-term vision for the group is to have continued discussions be the foundation for conferences and workshops on gender issues and stereotypes in US and abroad. The experiences, stories, and discussions can become a compilation of our narratives on gender, to be shared further with the public.

We look forward to hearing your voices.

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